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 In North Devon  in the picturesque town of Ilfracombe is Picture Box.


There is something extra special about photographing two people in love…You put two people who share this amazing connection side-by-side and there is instantaneous magic to be captured…


Now imagine there is a day set aside for this couple to celebrate their love for each other, with family and friends,in a setting that they have designed especially for their day…


A photographer is one of the few people who can capture the day, the people, the details, the happiness, the emotion… for you to relive over and over for the rest of your life….


I am filled with a great sense of honour when I get emails from brides(and grooms)-to-be expressing their love for my work and how they hope I’m free on their special day. They are so excited about their wedding day, they are putting so much thought, time, effort and money into making this day completely perfect for them and their future. They need to have a photographer who they trust to capture every single special moment, each and every tiny detail and most of all the story of the whole day.


If you are looking for a photographer to tell your love story with beautiful, colourful, timeless imagery. You need look no further! I provide all my couple with the most gorgeous, storytelling images from their special day for them to treasure forever. My packages do not have a time limit on them, I will be there from whatever time you are getting ready til you need me in the evening.


Photographers are now getting more into the design industry.

With creative idea’s and there attention to details.


We can keep most projects in house from the photography side to the design, helping to keep cost down.


•Bespoke web design

•Cheap web design packages

•Flexible local service


My services are tailored to the needs of sole traders and small businesses, but are also good for individuals, sport clubs or other organisations.


Designers often refer to people as users, or sometimes as consumers. In Design Interactions, we prefer to think of both users and designers as, first and foremost, people. That is, we see ourselves as complex individuals moving through an equally complex, technologically mediated, consumer landscape. Interaction may be our medium in this programme, but people are our primary subject, and people cannot be neatly defined and labelled. We are contradictory, volatile, always surprising. To remember this is to engage fully with the complexities and challenges of both people and the field of interaction design.


 Today, many design disciplines are incorporating elements of digital interaction in their work, and this is all to the good. As different electronic and computing technologies increasingly pervade our lives, there is a growing need for products and systems that are approachable and enjoyable, as well as useful. It is such concerns that informed the initial development of this programme, and we still focus on the expressive and communicative possibilities of digital technologies. At the same time, however, we are broadening our horizons, and beginning to apply our methods and tactics to a wider range of issues. For instance, we are keen to explore the design potential of biotechnology and nanotechnology, both of which are now moving out of the research laboratory and into everyday life. We also aim to design interactions (or frame debates) of a different kind – between people and possible futures, and between design and other fields of art and science.


 In Design Interactions, then, we are not simply concerned with acquiring or refining a specific set of skills. Essentially, we are interested in the social, cultural and ethical consequences of emerging technologies, and this means asking probing questions through design. To this end, we encourage students to consider the implications, as well as the applications, of new technologies, and thus to seek fresh approaches to interaction design – approaches that are meaningful and relevant today. In short, we see this field of design as a fertile way of thinking about the life around us, within us, and in the future beyond us.

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